written over 4 years ago

Each morning my husband wakes up and begins jumping on the bed/roaring like a lion/composing a song about the day/lovingly greeting our fish/ grinding the world’s supply of coffee beans… 

When I wake up, I’m what he calls “Morning Johanna”. I like to ease my way into the day with silence & solitude. Too much activity or volume can awaken the parts of me I try to keep asleep for good.

But his way of going about life forces me to adjust how I go about life. And it’s a tragically, annoyingly, mature thing to experience. 

But I’ve got to say that this principle is one of the reasons I want to sing music for other humans and not just my fish. I’m hoping that our lives will intersect and there can be some radical change brought about by this divine collision. 

Your world is being rocked. Can you feel it? 

EP coming soon...