written about 4 years ago

Before a singer, a recording artist, or a performer, I’ve always been a writer. Writing songs for me began accidentally. I had always sung on one side of my life and had written poetry-ish-isms on another side of my life. At some point, I started singing the words out of my journal and thus began songwriting. 

Lately, I’ve just been leaving my words on the page and allowing the rhythm to take place in the mind. Since this is a place for my music-related things, the only writing I leave up here is the stuff that intersects with my music. I want to invite you to also check in over here... http://writing.johannaolson.ca/ …where I am attempting to be more intentional about some unsung writing in an effort to build my writing portfolio. 

There is no focus except to write whatever I feel like writing, in the way that I feel like writing it. Not even I know what will appear on these pages.